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Sustainable Jersey Webinar: Making a Game Plan for Getting Certified

February 22, 2017
01:00 PM to 02:00 PM


Calling all registered towns! Have you been thinking that 2017 is the year your town will join the 198 Sustainable Jersey certified municipalities that are making progress toward a more sustainable future? Would you like to receive the prestigious Sustainable Jersey certification at this year’s League of Municipalities Conference? This webinar will share proven strategies and tools to help map out a path to certification within six to twelve months. 

Learn how to: 
• Mobilize your green team 
• Navigate the Sustainable Jersey website 
• Select “start-up” actions 
• Get assistance completing actions from non-profits and other groups 
• Track your progress and more! 

If you have specific questions you’d like us to answer during the webinar, please send them to

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