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    Asbestos Disposal - A Step-By-Step Guide

    Many homes and buildings contain asbestos material. When this material is removed, it must be properly disposed of in accordance with Federal and State regulations. Asbestos can be hazardous to your health as well as to the environment if proper precautions are not taken.

    Material containing asbestos can be safely disposed of at the Atlantic County Utilities Authority Landfill in Egg Harbor Township. Whether you are a private homeowner or a commercial hauler, take precautions when removing asbestos and preparing it for disposal. Under no circumstances, should loose asbestos ever be disposed of with your regular trash.

    All commercial haulers must have a manifest, supplied by the ACUA or their own, showing the type of material (friable/ non-friable), generator name, address, telephone number and contact person, and show the same information about the hauler, removal contractor and disposal site. If a manifest is not included with the load at time of disposal, the load will be rejected.

    Commercial haulers must haul in a NJDEP registered vehicle. All vehicles must be properly tarped.
    Asbestos bags can be purchased for $1.00 per bag or $70.00 for a case of 75. The size of the bags are 33" x 50".
    To find out disposal rates for asbestos click here. 
    1. Schedule date for disposal...
      Asbestos is accepted for disposal at the Atlantic County Utilities Authority Landfill, 6700 Delilah Road, Egg Harbor Township. Residents and individuals with 15 bags or less may bring asbestos during regular business hours.  Asbestos is accepted from commercial haulers Tuesday and Thursday, 9 AM to 11 AM.
    2. Complete letter of intent form...
      A letter of intent form is available onlineor from the ACUA (609-272-6950). Complete the form and mail to NJDEP at the address on the form. This letter must be received by NJDEP ten days prior to asbestos disposal date.
    3. Properly prepare asbestos for disposal...
      Asbestos must be placed in 6-mil plastic bags or asbestos bags and sealed with duct tape. For siding, BOX FIRST, then bag to avoid bags from ripping and/or leaking. IN NO CASE WILL LOOSE ASBESTOS BE ACCEPTED FOR DISPOSAL.
    4. Deliver Asbestos to ACUA Landfill...
      Upon arrival at the ACUA Landfill, stop and pick up an Origin and Disposal (O&D) form to complete or Click Here to Download the FormYou will also be supplied with CAUTION labels, if necessary, which must be placed on bags containing asbestos. Material will be weighed and accepted for disposal.