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    National Biosolids Partnership

    The Atlantic County Utilities Authority is participating in the National Biosolids Partnership (NBP) biosolids management system certification program which is designed to help the ACUA to take a careful look at existing management practices for biosolids (the solid or semisolid material obtained from treated wastewater), with an eye on environmentally sound improvements that will meet  and exceed regulatory requirements and protect public health.  

    The certification system is based on internationally recognized standards for an Environmental Management System (EMS)/International Organization of Standardization (ISO 14001), and provides a model for continuous improvement to meet changing environmental and regulatory demands.
    To learn more:
    ACUA Resolution to adopt the Biosolids Policy 

    ACUA Biosolids Management Program Manual 

    Biosolids Management Performance Report - 2013

    NBP Verification Audit Report – 2013

    The National Biosolids Partnership website:
    The Elements of the Biosolids Management Policy 
    The Code of Good Practice

    Click here for a press release from the Water Environment Federation regarding selection of program participants.

    ACUA is honored to have been awarded the Silver Level Recognition from the National Biosolids Partnership in January 2013. Click here to read the press release.

    In April 2012, ACUA was one of nine organizations to receive special Bronze-Level Recognition from the National Biosolids Partnership (NBP). The bronze level award recognizes organizations for their commitment to good practice and plans for third party verification of their biosolids management programs.

    In August 2013, ACUA received Gold Level Recognition the National Biosolids Partnership (NBP). Read more in this  letter of recognition and press release.
    Please use our email contact form to ask questions, submit comments or to request information on the ACUA's Biosolids Management Program. Choose "General Inquiry" from the subject menu choices and check the Biosolids Management program at the bottom of the form program updates by email.