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    Mullica Twp. 4th Grade Class Produces Single-Stream Public Service Announcement

    Jacki Lugg's 4th grade class at the Mullica Twp. Elementary School spent a few weeks this winter busy at work developing a public service announcement about single-stream recycling.

    The ACUA rolled out single-stream recycling for all its Atlantic County customers at the beginning of the year. This new approach to recycling means residents no longer have to separate bottles and cans from paper and cardboard; all materials can be recycled together in the same recycling containers. At the same time, ACUA also expanded the range of materials residents can recycle to include all plastics numbered 1-7.

    Single-stream recycling means more material will be recycled, which not only conserves natural resources, and saves energy, but also conserves precious landfill space.

    Producing a video is no small accomplishment. Many thanks to all of the students of Room 35, and Ms. Lugg, for helping to educate residents about this important new recycling program. Saving resources and energy through increased recycling is something we can all feel good about!

    For more information about this project, contact Ms. Lugg at

    To view the video, click here.