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  • 10 Ways You Can Honor World Water Day
    March 22, 2016

    By Sara Verrillo

    Water is a finite resource. Water sustains human life. Here are 10 ways you can honor water as if your life depends on it (it does Smiley ).


    Learn how your watershed works. It’s a great reminder of how our actions affect our water.

    Reduce pollution. Pick up dog waste and litter. Don’t use harmful chemicals that will wash into storm drains.

    3 – NEVER FLUSH chemicals or medicines down the drain. Properly dispose of chemicals at Household Hazardous Waste collections and medicine at local drop-offs.

    Avoid products containing microbeads

    Save water inside. See how much water you use in everyday life with this Water Calculator, get conservation ideas from Water Use It Wisely, and use water-efficient appliances. And of course, never brush with the water on.

    6 Save water outside. Install a rain barrel for watering outdoor flowers and plants or plant a water-saving garden with help from Jersey Yards’ how-to guides.

    Learn something new. Tapped and Blue Gold are two great documentaries about the issues affecting our water today. Story of Stuff’s Story of Bottled Water is short and easy to share. You can also tour our Wastewater Treatment Facility to find out what happens to water that goes down our sinks and toilets.

    Stay informed. Did you know that New Jersey has not released a revised water supply plan since 1996? That means we are using old data to manage water in our state. Eeek. Learn more here.

    10  Spread the word. Share what you’ve learned using the hashtag #WorldWaterDay on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to bring awareness to your family and friends about the importance of water.


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