Metals include:

Please consider donating or reusing the item. If these are not options, check with your municipality to see if they have a collection program, bring the item to a scrap metal yard or bring it for disposal at ACUA. To view the disposal rates for metals that DO and DO NOT contain CFCs, click here.

Note: incentives may be available for recycling a refrigerator or freezer through the NJ Clean Energy Program

Metals that DO NOT contain CFCs / Freon:
Clean loads of scrap metal and white goods that do not contain CFCs/Freon are accepted at the minimum per load charge, no matter how large the load. All clean loads of metals and white goods will be directed to the Transfer Station for inspection and offloading.

Metals that DO contain CFCs / Freon:
Special Rules apply when dealing with appliances that contain refrigerants/CFCs, such as air conditioners. The Federal Clean Air Act requires the removal of Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) refrigerants from appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, prior to the recycling or disposal. Items cannot be dumped, but must be individually off-loaded by the customer. Please take care to prevent any damage to items that may cause the release of CFC's. ACUA will remove and recycle any remaining CFC's prior to recycling the appliances as scrap metal.

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