Tire Disposal 101

ACUA will only accept tires from Atlantic County residents and businesses.

  1. Remove rims from tires. Rims can disposed of as metals
  2. Tires must be separated from all other waste types when brought to ACUA so they can be taken out of the waste stream and recycled.

Please note: ACUA will not accept oversized and agricultural tires. An oversized tire is any tire greater than tractor trailer size, that is, any tire more than 4 ft. in diameter and/or more than 12 inches as measured across the tread. Contact the manufacturer or a store that sells tractor equipment to learn how to dispose.

Shredded tires may be disposed of as bulky waste.

Click here for disposal rates and hours of operation

ACUA may collect tires as bulky waste in your town. Find your town's information here. 

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