Bulky Waste

What is Bulky Waste?

Most large items that cannot fit into your regular trash can are considered bulky waste. Examples include:

  • Mattresses
  • Furniture 
  • Vacuums
  • Carpeting - HOWEVER, some towns prohibit carpeting to be collected curbside. If your town does not allow carpeting to be accepted curbside, you may bring it to ACUA for disposal. Find your town's information here.
    Please note that 1 bulk item = 8 rolls of carpet, which must be cut into 4 ft. sections. A maximum of 8 rolls of carpet will be collected per bulky waste collection. (For example, if a town allows 3 bulky items per collection, only 8 rolls of carpet may be put out for collection that day and the other bulky items can be furniture, mattress, etc.)

Other items considered bulky waste that can be brought to our facilities for disposal include:

  • Campers and mobile homes - a handling fee ($100) may be applied
  • Boats and jet skis. However, the motor must be removed and the item must be free of all fluids, such as gas and motor oil. Gas and motor oil can be disposed of through the ACUA's household hazardous waste drop-off program. If not able to remove motor or fluids, contact an Auto Salvage Yard. 

For bulky waste disposal rates, and hours of operation click here.

Bulky waste DOES NOT include:

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