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The ACUA’s landfill, like many others, contains significant portions of organic materials that produce a variety of harmful gases like carbon dioxide and methane as they decompose.

Methane, which comprises roughly 60 percent of the landfill gas, is also a powerful source of electricity. The landfill gas to energy facility (LFG), which is operated by AC Landfill Energy, LLC, captures methane through a series of pipes before it is released into the atmosphere and combusts it for energy, providing a clean, renewable source of electricity.

Operational since March 2005, the ACUA’s landfill to gas (LFG) facility provides enough energy to power the entire Environmental Park, with excess energy provided to the grid where it can be used to power area homes and businesses.

Capturing landfill gas is also a key component in controlling odors from the landfill. 

Environmental and Financial Impact:

The LFG project generates the energy equivalent of 25,083 barrels of oil, which yields a yearly reduction in greenhouse gases comparable to removing 45,410 cars from the road or planting 64,718 acres of trees.

Since it became operational in 2005, ACUA has saved more than $7 million in total energy costs.

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