ACUA offers internship opportunities throughout the year in various fields including Automotive, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Wastewater Operations. Opportunities are available for high school students, higher education students, and graduates.

Interns gain hands-on experience, learn real-world skills, and get the chance to work with a passionate team of individuals who will help them flourish.

Offering internship opportunities aids ACUA in ensuring a strong workforce for the future of the solid waste and wastewater management industries.

ACUA partners with Rowan University on their WaterWorks Internship Program, Summer Youth Work Program (Department of Labor), and is also part of Egg Harbor Township High School's PACE Grant Internship Program.

Internship opportunities are posted on our Careers Page when available.


"The most beneficial part of the internship has been the knowledge and experience I have obtained. I’ve had the opportunity to attend job fairs, interviews, attend new hire training, and have everyday interactions with applicants as well as my amazing coworkers.

Everyone at the ACUA has provided such a great work environment with constant support and motivation. Though I'm an intern, I've been treated like an equal by all of my co-workers, even managers and company executives treat me like a peer. Learning about ACUA operations and receiving tours of the wastewater treatment and solid waste facilities have given so much purpose to the work I do.

I’ve gained great understanding of the impact ACUA has on our surrounding communities and our environmental impact as a whole. Seeing the big picture, and what we're all working towards, emphasized how purposeful and important our work really is.

I am very proud to have worked for the ACUA and am grateful for the immeasurable knowledge and experience I have gained from my HR internship!"

- Sydney (Former Human Resources Intern)