Thank you to everyone who participated in the Recycled Art Contest this year! Check out the artwork that placed in 2022.

8 & Under Category


1st Place - Flower Puppy by Sophia Vazquez
2nd Place - Skull the Spider Monster by Morgan Clark
3rd Place - The Black Spotted Leopard by Lillian Cook

9 - 13 Category


1st Place - Crazy Spooky Monster by Mahrosh Ali
2nd Place - Tux the Recycle Penguin by Jared Dennis
3rd Place - Cardboard Relief by Mileska Santiago-Curi

14 - 18 Category


1st Place - The Rubbish Treasure Trove by Maureen Fields
2nd Place - Artistic Occamy by Brenna Ehrlich
3rd Place - All That and a Bag of Chips by Kiera Liu

19 & Up Category


1st Place - Submarine Portal by Beth Wade
2nd Place - SS Rubbish by Julia Brouse
3rd Place - Caps Flounder on Balloons by Eduardo Jimenez

Group Category


1st Place - The Compliment Candy Machine by Alexa Buck & Irelyn Longinetti
2nd Place - Ride the Wave of Recycling by Rai Chowdhury, Shaptarshi Chowdhury, Nusaibah Nawar & Vienna Nhan
3rd Place - Flower Power by Ingrid Jimenez, Irlanda Merino & Rida Sajjad