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Benefits of OSTU Training

Sep 29, 2014

By Matthew von der Hayden, Project Analyst

As a part of ACUA’s Research and Development Department, part of my job is to look for beneficial opportunities for the ACUA.

While reading a trade magazine, I spotted the Occupational Safety Training Unit (OSTU), which provides occupational safety and health training for both public and private sector employers and employees. OSTU is under the New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development and provides training at no cost. 

ACUA management, solid waste, maintenance, electrical, and buildings and grounds staff have learned how to maintain a work environment that is free of recognized safety and health hazards. Here is a look at the training our employees have received:

Training Type Number of Staff Trained 
Compactor Truck Safety   45
Electrical Safe Work Practices   12
Forklift Safety   19
Grounds Maintenance    7
Ladder Safety    45
Material Handling, Back Safety & Lifting Techniques    72
OSHA Record Keeping    1
The Supervisor and Safety    22 
Workzone Safety: Streets, Roads and Highways    19 
Total Trained    242 

Other public or private entities may benefit from this great resource. Click here for more information.