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Trash or Treat?

Oct 31, 2014

By Sara Verrillo

Pumpkins, straw bales and cornstalks are not accepted as yard waste through ACUA. Consider these useful alternatives instead of tossing them into the trash can.  

Home Composting

Pumpkins, straw bales and cornstalks can all be used in a home composting pile. Be sure to remove seeds from pumpkins first (unless you'd like to grow some next year)! Read our tips for home composting here.

Get Cooking

Why put a perfectly good pumpkin in the trash when it could make a delicious pie? This blogger shows you how to quickly cook a whole pumpkin in a crock pot or oven. Yum!


Plant Protection

Break up straw bales and add piles around outdoor plants for an extra layer of protection for the winter.

Feed the Birds

Use a carved pumpkin as a bird feeder or use pumpkin seeds as food for wildlife in your backyard. (Click on image for project directions.)

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Image via Pinterest, Martha Stewart 

Have Some Fun

Use straw bales as seating around a campfire for a post-Halloween s’mores party. 


Image via Pinterest, Style Me Pretty Blog