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An Open Letter from Supercan to Totes McGoats

Oct 15, 2015

Supercan recently took some time to reflect on his career in the recycling industry in an effort to support new Niagra Falls recycling mascot and rising social media star, Totes McGoats.

Dear Totes,

I remember back in 1990, only three years after recycling became the law in New Jersey. I was shimmering with excitement to spread the mission of recycling throughout the land. It never crossed my mind that people would think, who does this oversized, shiny can think he is telling me to separate my waste into several cans? It was the early 90s, before grunge took over for glitz and glam. Looking back, I did resemble a shiny recycling bandit rather than a savior.

Old Supercan

Yeah, I know, too shiny

It took a while to gain the trust of loyal citizens and for recycling rates to rise, but I persevered throughout many struggles that put my can-do attitude to the test. It wasn’t long before I had a new look and groups of growing admirers despite the looming threats of dinosaurs and New York Times opinion articles.

Old Supercan 2

Keeping my distance from inflatable dinosaurs

I’ve seen it all these past 15 years, and I can assure you, it gets better. I still encounter those few that are scared to see me, and there was just another New York Times opinion article questioning my purpose, but I just look in the mirror and remind myself why they call me Supercan.  

Supercan Collage2

So many friends now

Good luck Totes. I know that your presence in the recycling industry will strengthen us all. It’s not every day one of us becomes a media sensation. Through the fanfare and scrutiny, know we’ll be here cheering you through. I wish you a long and prosperous career and foresee fashionable updates in your future.  #RecyclingMascotsUnite