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ACUA Celebrates Clean Communities Volunteers

Jun 08, 2017

ACUA is happy to administer the Atlantic County Clean Communities program. Each year, we celebrate the hard work of volunteers from around the county who dedicated countless hours of their time to making sure our communities are free of litter at an annual dinner.


Click here to see all photos from the annual dinner.

This year, there was much to celebrate. Back in 2005 when the program was taken over by ACUA, it had 12 groups. Today, we have 225 active groups, and 55 percent of Atlantic County roads are now adopted! In 2016, a total of 3,513 volunteers completed 338 cleanups, removed 1,162 trash bags, 853 recycling bags, and 7 tires from 436 miles of Atlantic County roads. 


Why Adopt a Road?

Litter removal is important work. It protects our wildlife, prevents pollution from entering our waterways, and keeps our communities looking pristine. It’s also an easy to make a difference in your community.

Volunteers come from a variety of groups, like local civic organizations, green committees, school groups, businesses, sororities, fraternities, and families who’ve adopted roads in memory of loved ones.

How It Works

Groups can check what open county roads are available near them, then fill out an application on our website. Once approved, groups will be given supplies to complete their cleanups safely (safety vests, grabbers, trash and recycling bags, and gloves) as well as a sign noting their commitment. After completing a cleanup, groups report their activity and submit photos. Active groups who perform at least four cleanups throughout a year will be eligible for a $200 mini-grant.

In addition to adopting roadways, ACUA will also help groups who would like to adopt a waterway, a school yard, or a park to clean.

Sign Up Today!

Visit our dedicated Adopt-A-Road webpage to adopt a road near you.