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Highlights from Our Annual Report

Jul 20, 2017

We recently released our annual report for the year 2016 after the completion of our annual financial audit. The report reflects the changes experienced and projects implemented at the Authority over the past year. It highlights how the changes happening across the industries we work in and our local communities affect the inner workings of what we do here at ACUA – namely providing responsible waste management services.

Our Solid Waste Division received an increased amount of construction and demolition debris, mostly due to a spur in area demolishment and reconstruction – a trend we see continuing in 2017. (Just recently, Route 40 reported on a local developer’s waste disposal at our facilities). We also saw an increased interest in improving recycling rates among residents, as shown through Brigantine’s and Buena Vista Township’s decision to adopt carts in their communities.


At our Wastewater Division, work to improve the aging facility, such as bar screen replacements and incinerator upgrades, was underway. Plans were also laid for resiliency projects that will protect critical infrastructure from potential flooding.


Our renewable energy and alternative fuel projects continued to generate savings and revenue for the Authority, and we explored advances in post-landfill technology.

Our employees continued to take advantage of training and education opportunities needed to advance their careers and the Authority. They also went above and beyond when it came to contributing to the community.


We invite you to read the entire report and hope you find it reflects our commitment to providing the best environmental services and see how we’re preparing to meet the demands of future generations.

Click here to view the report. 

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