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10 Recycling Tips for Businesses

Nov 01, 2018

By Ryan Mahoney, ACUA Communications Assistant


There are many benefits to starting a recycling program for your business. Companies that recycle are making a positive impact on the environment, can boost employee morale and have an improved corporate social responsibility. Below are some tips you can use to run a successful recycling program at your place of work.

1. Designate a recycling coordinator.


Giving a person or group the responsibility of running a recycling program will cause them to feel more liable and dedicated to your program’s success. The appointed recycling coordinator(s) will start the program, build enthusiasm and monitor progress. Being a recycling coordinator is a great opportunity because you get the chance to inspire coworkers to protect the environment.

2. Perform a waste audit.


Not all companies are the same. Restaurants will have more cans and bottles to dispose of while sales offices may have more paper. Doing a waste audit on your business will help you understand which materials should be separated and recycled as part of your program.

3. Get employees on board with announcements.


The everyday actions of employees will determine whether your recycling program is a success. Announcements should be made to all employees informing them about the program, what your organization will recycle, and the importance of doing so. You can hold meetings and seminars to educate employees.

4. Visually promote recycling.


Posters and signs displayed around the office can be quick reminders for employees and encourage them to recycle. Use creative visuals and slogans to attract their eye and help them remember the dos and don’ts of recycling. Simple everyday reminders can train employees to dispose of common everyday items correctly. Showing recycling statistics will allow them to understand why recycling is important and how their choices can make a positive impact.

5. Take advantage of single-stream recycling.


Single stream recycling means paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, cans and cartons can all be disposed of in the same container. This process is easier on employees who do not have to put as much thought into organizing waste into separate bins.


6. Send out weekly recycling tip reminders.


It is important for us to recycle, but it is also important for us to recycle right. Sometimes taking in a whole list of information can make it more difficult to remember. Using email or your company’s intranet, you can send out quick reminders like “throw plastic bottles in recycling and their lids in the trash” or “plastic bags are not recyclable.” This will help employees remember how to recycle correctly and remind them the importance of recycling.

7. Get smart about recycling receptacles.


Location, location, location. Choosing the right location may be the most important rule in real estate but is also important when deciding where to put your recycling bins. If employees are forced to walk far away to throw out their recyclables, they may not do it. You should place recycling containers near trash bins so they can make the right decision in one place. Make recycling easier by placing them next to places where trash is produced like copy machines, printers and paper shredders.

8. Monitor and evaluate your recycling.


Businesses need to evaluate their recycling programs to discover issues and learn how to make improvements. The best way to measure your success is to weigh your recycling waste when you start your program and a few months down the road to see the results. If there is not a big difference, you know that more action needs to be taken.

9. Develop incentives and hold friendly competitions.


Developing rewards and holding interdepartmental competitions can get employees excited about recycling. Awards can include company parties or paid vacation days. Encourage employees to recycle in a competition and it can train them to turn it into a habit.

10. Go fully green.


There are so many more ways businesses can contribute positively to the environment than just recycling. Implement other green initiatives at the same time by conserving energy, repurposing materials and purchasing more recycled office products. 

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