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Learn Something New at Home: Tour Our Facilities from Your Couch

May 12, 2020

ACUA opens its doors to thousands of students and family visitors each year to give the public a first-hand look at how waste is disposed of in Atlantic County.  Each day, tons of trash, recycling, yard waste, and millions of gallons of wastewater end up at our facilities for processing. 

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Through public education and outreach, we aim to bring awareness to the waste we generate in our homes, schools, and offices, and the ways in which we dispose it. Remember, nothing ever goes “away,” and waste that is disposed of improperly can hurt the environment, damage equipment, and even be dangerous to workers. 


We miss hosting our spring tours and events in person, so we’ve made these important lessons available online!


Now you can learn the science behind recycling, landfilling, wastewater treatment, composting, green technology, and ACUA’s earliest roots in Atlantic County right from your couch. You don’t have to be a student or teacher to find our online information useful – learning how waste is processed is an important less to learn at any age!

We encourage you to check out our virtual learning page below to learn all this as well as the steps you can take to keep these processes running smoothly.

Click here to get started.