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Making Strides to Minimize Odors: 15 New Landfill Gas Collection Wells Being Installed

Jan 24, 2020

As part of ACUA’s commitment to a clean environment, we regularly install gas collection wells to help control odors generated from our landfill. To kick off 2020, we are installing 15 new vertical gas collection wells. 

The landfill, in operation since 1991, covers more than 100 acres (and is currently under expansion). When organic material like food waste is buried, it begins to decompose, creating gas like methane and sulfur that can be quite fragrant.    

To combat these odors, we’ve embarked on a number of innovative and industry tested practices. The greatest of these is our landfill gas-to-energy project

gas well drill rig

Through a series of vertical and horizontal wells, gas created inside the landfill is captured and transported to on-site generators that use it to create energy and power our Environmental Park. As the landfill expands, new vertical or horizontal wells are installed to more effectively collect gas. 

This latest $265,000 investment is a necessary step that showcases our commitment to minimizing odors. Learn more about our other landfill odor control methods.