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More than Half of Mattresses Get Second Life After Disposal

Feb 13, 2020


As a way to cut costs while helping the environment, the ACUA works with an outside contractor to recycle mattresses that pass through its transfer station.

The recycling initiative reduces the amount of waste going into the landfill, which saves valuable space and reduces maintenance costs. Mattresses are very difficult to compact and often get wrapped up in the moving parts of our tractors and bulldozers. This can lead to lengthy downtime and costly repairs. By recycling the mattresses instead, we reduce this impact on our equipment.

No bed bugs allowed! To be recycled, mattresses cannot be dirty or bug-infested. When mattresses are dropped off at the transfer station, they are inspected, and if deemed clean, are stored in a trailer that is later picked up by the recycler, CJP Group.

The recycler then breaks down the components of the mattresses (metal, foam, wooden frames, etc.) and recycles the parts.   

In 2019, nearly 62 percent of mattresses were recycled through the program!

In addition to mattresses and the traditional materials collected curbside, ACUA recycles yard waste (by turning it into EcoSoil) and most metals disposed of at the facility.