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ACUA Completes $8 Million Investment in Critical Sewer Line

Feb 08, 2022


Atlantic County's wastewater infrastructure just got even stronger. We recently completed the replacement of a critical sewer pipeline that connects Longport, Margate, Ventnor, and a section of Egg Harbor Township, to our wastewater treatment facility in Atlantic City, NJ. ACUA is committed to investing in our infrastructure to ensure reliable wastewater treatment for the thousands of Atlantic County customers we serve.

The $8 million-dollar, multi-step project, began in April 2020 and was ultimately completed in February 2022. In total, 4,300 ft. of steel pipe was replaced with a new high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline. The project was funded through a low-interest loan provided by the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank (I-Bank).

The plan to replace the entire pipeline was underway, when in April 2020, a leak was detected that spurred the project to begin sooner than expected.

After further exploration, it was determined that grit (small stones, rocks and sand) caused the premature erosion of the steel pipeline. More frequent and more intense storms are increasing the prevalence of grit in the sewer system. The new HDPE pipeline will better withstand these conditions.


The replacement was completed in two parts. Phase 1A replaced 2,100 ft. of pipeline along Bader Field in Atlantic City. Phase 1B replaced 2,200 ft. of pipeline that stretches below the Atlantic City Expressway, the New Jersey Transit line, and Beach Thorofare.


The underwater replacement was completed using a directional bore, creating a hole that the new pipeline was later pulled through. This modern technology minimizes disturbance to water activities and marine life. Watch the video below to learn about the process:

The infrastructure project was completed in partnership with contractors Arthur R. Henry Inc. (Phase 1A) and C. Abbonizio Contractors Inc. (Phase 1B).

ACUA would like to thank the following organizations for their assistance and support throughout the project: the City of Atlantic City, the Atlantic City Health and Human Services Department, the Atlantic City Office of Emergency Management, the Atlantic County Division of Public Health, Atlantic City Electric, GHD, Inc., South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA), New Jersey Transit, New Jersey Infrastructure Bank, and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

ACUA's Asset Management Plan

ACUA regularly assesses its infrastructure and prioritizes improvements and upgrades as part of its Asset Management Plan. The plan ensures investments are performed in a cost-effective and efficient manner while keeping ACUA rates stable for Atlantic County customers.

As part of this plan, ACUA regularly inspects its infrastructure to measure the integrity of pipes and other equipment. Most recently, ACUA invested in a tennis ball-sized tool called the “smart ball” to measure pipeline conditions and detect even pin-hole size leaks. The latest inspection performed confirmed there are no leaks within the system of pipes leading to the treatment facility.