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Lions Club Glasses Donation Program

Jul 14, 2022


Recycle your eyeglasses here in Atlantic County! Dozens of small blue mailboxes with a yellow Lions Club International Logo painted on the side, are located outside of businesses and community buildings across the county. This is where residents can drop-off eyeglasses no longer being used so they can have a useful second life. Donated glasses are regularly collected by local Lion’s Club members, sorted, then sent away for processing. In fact, local Lions Club Chapters have serviced these mailboxes for decades and collect thousands of glasses each year! Donated glasses can go directly into the hands of residents or get shipped to a processing facility that works with Lions Club International to recycle or distribute. Although sunglasses, prescription glasses, and reading glasses are great to include as a donation, they ask that broken glasses and cases do not get donated in these receptacles.

The Lions Club’s mission is to serve individuals with visual disabilities and enhance their quality of life. The John D. Young Memorial Lions Blind Center in Absecon, NJ provides programming, resources, and support to individuals across South Jersey. They also service 9 glasses donation mailboxes from Ocean City to Galloway and are always looking for new members and volunteers.  To find out how you can help, please email Fred Frisch, President of the John D. Young Memorial Lions Blind Center Inc.: