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Meet ACUA Staff: Tia

May 30, 2022


Tia is currently a Water Pollution Control Operator II at the Wastewater Treatment Facility. She joined ACUA in 2019 and has since obtained her Wastewater Operator I license. Each day, Tia plays an instrumental role in ensuring the wastewater treatment process is operating smoothly. 

“I find the wastewater treatment process very interesting; I never thought much about wastewater before working here. It’s a great experience seeing how water is cleaned. You’d never think microorganisms are doing most of the work.”

Her department relies on teamwork, and she believes they work together well and have excellent communication, which helps them accomplish their common goals. She enjoys contributing the Authority and has even used her background as a CDL driver to assist the Collections Department in transporting sludge to the treatment plant.

Tia tries to learn something new every day and looks forward to continuing her education and pursuing higher licenses in the future.

Why She Enjoys Working at ACUA:

“This job gave me better respect for water and the environment.  If people knew all the work that goes into this process, they’d think twice about what they choose to flush and put down the drain.”

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