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ACUA to Partner in Federally Funded Green Hydrogen Energy Project

Jan 03, 2023

ACUA will partner in a ground-breaking green hydrogen project that will generate hydrogen from treated wastewater at ACUA’s treatment facility in Atlantic City. 

The proposed project will use an electrolyzer to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Treated wastewater will be the water source, and the on-site wind energy will power the electrolyzer, making the project completely renewable.


Once created, hydrogen will be dispersed into the natural gas pipeline and used to power a newly developed heavy-duty fuel-cell truck. 

ACUA intends to use the oxygen to feed the biological process that occurs in the aeration basins at its wastewater treatment facility. 

The project has received $3.8 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and will require an additional $1 million investment from its partners, which include ACUA, South Jersey Industries, NJ Clean Cities, and ROUSH CleanTech.

ACUA looks forward to sharing more details on the project as plans are finalized.

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