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Meet ACUA Staff: Glendaly

Feb 22, 2023


Glendaly is the Lab Regulatory Compliance Specialist in the ACUA Water Testing Laboratory. She graduated from Stockton University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and started her career at ACUA as an intern. She served as a Lab Analyst for several years prior to working in her current position.

Glendaly spent many years learning and getting to know ACUA through her mom, Rosa, who also works in the Lab. She fondly recalls volunteering at Earth Day at an early age and getting the opportunity to dress up as ACUA’s Mascot, Supercan. After completing her bachelor’s degree in biology and working at other local companies, she was eager to apply when a position opened up at ACUA.

Glendaly is especially grateful for the opportunity to find a job in the science field with excellent health benefits and consistent hours. She takes immense pride in her job as an essential worker to ensure wastewater is thoroughly treated, which protects the environment and the public.

Why She Likes Working at ACUA

“I had the opportunity to grow up with ACUA -- my coworkers are like my second family. This job allows for a balance between work and home life. I am proud to work at a company that pursues innovation and prioritizes environmental stewardship.”

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