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Meet ACUA Staff: John

Jan 19, 2023


John currently serves as the Deputy Chief Engineer at ACUA. Prior to working at ACUA, John worked with the Atlantic County Division of Engineering for more than 11 years.

As an engineer for ACUA, John works across all areas of the Authority. At the wastewater facility, he works on equipment planning and piping. At the Environmental Park, he works on landfill plans and onsite building projects.  He regularly drafts projects and puts together bids.  He also oversees emergency repairs.  

John is proud to have played a role in large projects that spanned multiple years, like the MSE berm and replacement of the Ventnor force main.  While the process on large projects like these can be slow, he says it is extremely fulfilling once complete.  

Why He Likes Working at ACUA

“I am proud to work for a public agency that serves the community.  I enjoy the work environment and the opportunity to interact with friendly people that have a variety of backgrounds and experience.”

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