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Ventnor Pump Station Receiving Essential Upgrades

Feb 15, 2023


ACUA’s Engineering Department recently designed upgrades to the Ventnor City pump station that transports wastewater from Ventnor, Margate, Longport, and a section of Egg Harbor Township to ACUA’s treatment facility in Atlantic City.

The structure, originally built in the mid-70s, will receive repairs and modifications to its structural, electrical, and mechanical features.


What is a Pump Station?



Pump stations are critical infrastructure that play an important role in safely transporting wastewater to the treatment plant. Underground pipes collect and carry wastewater from homes and businesses. Gravity then carries wastewater from the pipes to pump stations. In areas where the pipes are low underground, pumps are used to lift the incoming flow up to street level and send it to the treatment plant.

Pump stations run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The function of the stations may go unnoticed, but they play an essential role in protecting public health and our environment.


Ventnor Renovation Project



The renovation to Ventnor’s pump station will include many facets. One large upgrade is the expansion of the pump’s wet well system. A wet well is a large holding tank that receives incoming sewage. When the sewage reaches a certain level, the pumps send it out of the station. The project will double the size of the wet well, allowing the station to hold more sewage, which is especially important during periods of heavy coastal flooding.

Another large upgrade includes the installation of a permanent bypass system that will allow sewage to bypass the station during future work or emergencies. In addition, the station’s electric transformer will be upgraded to increase its amperage, the roof will be replaced, a new control unit and odor control system will be installed, the bathroom will be renovated, HVAC equipment will be upgraded, it will be painted, and new light fixtures will be installed.

The project is expected to cost approximately $4.4 million and will be funded in part by the American Rescue Plan, which provided federal coronavirus relief funding to Atlantic County Government that included allocations for water and sewer investments. Construction is expected to begin in March 2023.


Future Pump Station Improvements


ACUA is also finalizing plans to upgrade its largest pump station located in Pleasantville. This project will include similar improvements as in Ventnor but will also include the replacement of existing pumps. It is is expected to go out to bid later this year.


Look Inside of a Pump Station