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Brigantine To Bring Trash and Recycling Carts to All Residents

Aug 12, 2016

The City of Brigantine has made a seven-year investment to improve recycling and standardize trash collection throughout the city by purchasing and providing new carts for each household.

“We’re really pleased to work with the City to bring trash and recycling carts to Brigantine residents. Carts are so easy for residents to use. Brigantine takes recycling seriously, and it’s exciting to be able to roll-out both trash and recycling carts here,” said ACUA President Rick Dovey.

Delivery of the new trash and recycling carts will begin on August 22 and will take between 7 to 14 days for distribution.

The new carts have many advantages. The large capacity means that residents can recycle more material in the 96-gallon container.

“Other towns that have moved to 96-gallon recycling carts have reported an increase in recycling rates and an overall reduction in the amount of trash collected. We hope to see a similar increase in recycling rates with the new carts,” said Dovey.

Additional advantages include weighted, hinged lids that prevent material from becoming litter on windy days and keep seagulls from getting into the trash. Lids also keep rainwater out of cans, which reduces trash weight and keeps paper dry in recycling containers. Wheels make it easy to move the carts to the curb on collection days. 

For ACUA’s collection team, carts provide another advantage over trash cans and recycling buckets; a sturdy metal bar on the cart enable the collections staff to utilize hydraulic cart tippers to safely and efficiently lift and empty the containers into the truck, reducing the risk of injury.  Carts also help keep neighborhoods neat and clean and improve safety on residential streets.

To pay for the carts, the City of Brigantine has extended the current recycling and trash collection contract with ACUA for a seven-year period; this change includes the funding and purchase of the carts for recycling and solid waste collection. A total of 14,000 carts (7,000 for trash, 7,000 for recycling) were purchased for a total of $661,500.

Trash and Recycling carts will be property of the City and should stay at the address to which they are delivered. Every cart comes with a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) number that can be read with a handheld or truck-mounted device – these numbers are linked to each address, which can help track missing or stolen carts.

Buena Vista Township has recently completed a similar contract amendment for recycling carts that were distributed this spring.

The City of Brigantine will provide a container at the Public Works Yard for any resident wishing to recycle their old plastic recycling or trash cans. Additional information will be provided with the cart when delivered, and residents can learn more at , by calling ACUA at 609.272.6950 or the Brigantine Public Works Department at 609.266.7800.