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All Back Bay Areas Reopened Following Bader Field Sewer Leak

Oct 02, 2017

Back bay areas of Atlantic City and parts of Ventnor, which were closed following the discovery of a sewer leak in ACUA’s  30” force main on Saturday, September 22, have been reopened. The leak occurred on the west side of Bader Field in the force main which conveys sewage from the downbeach communities and Chelsea Heights to ACUA’s regional treatment facility in Atlantic City.

A bypass was completed early Thursday morning and the leak was stopped. On Sunday, October 1, officials from the Health Department of Atlantic City and Atlantic County Department of Health sampled multiple locations in Atlantic City and Ventnor.

The samples taken from 11 locations in and around the Bader Field area, down to West End Avenue in Ventnor show no elevated levels of Enterococci, the indicator organism that is used to determine if the water is safe for swimming. All locations tested were well below the action level of 104/100 mL, indicating that the waters in and around the site of the leak are all safe for bathing, swimming and other recreational activities. 

The Atlantic City Health Department has lifted its temporary restrictions on recreational activities in the back bays of Atlantic City this afternoon. The City of Ventnor is also advising residents that the back bays are safe for all recreational activities.