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Sewage Leak at Bader Field

Sep 25, 2017


On Saturday, September 23, 2017 a sewage leak was detected by the Atlantic County Utilities Authority, the Authority responsible for overseeing wastewater and sewage management, from a 40 year-old main on the west side of Bader Field.  The leak resulted in sewage spilling into the immediate vicinity of areas around Bader Field, the Great Thorofare, the Beach Thorofare, and the Inside Thorofare.   The ACUA’s emergency repair contractor was contacted immediately and has been working around the clock to repair and redirect the line. 

The ACUA, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Agency, the City of Atlantic City’s Health Department, and the City of Atlantic City’s Office of Emergency Management have been working together to ensure that the water quality is closely monitored, and that any immediate affected areas are closed off until further notice.
The ACUA is requesting that local residents and businesses in the Chelsea Heights section of Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, and Longport conserve water to help minimize the flow through the damaged line.

The City of Atlantic City Health Department is asking that all recreation activities in the immediate affected areas be temporarily suspended until further notice: swimming, shell fishing, crabbing, kayaking, jet skiing, etc.

Updates will be posted here.