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ACUA and Pleasantville Housing Authority to Build One of State’s First Community Solar Projects

Dec 24, 2019

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) and the Pleasantville Housing Authority (PHA) were recently awarded approval to build one of the state’s first community solar projects through the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) Community Solar Energy Pilot Program. 

A community solar project allows a solar array built at one property to provide electricity to multiple subscribers throughout the community. It allows those who may not have the ability to install solar on their property to partake in the benefits of renewable energy. 

With the NJBPU’s pilot program, New Jersey joins many states that have successfully implemented community solar initiatives. The ACUA/PHA project was one of only 45 selected out of 252 applications, and one of just three in the Atlantic City Electric coverage area. 

The approved project consists of a two megawatt solar array that will be installed on the closed portions of ACUA’s landfill in Egg Harbor Township. The power generated will be sold to PHA residents at a discounted price. 

“ACUA is proud to partner with the Pleasantville Housing Authority in bringing clean, renewable energy to more Atlantic County residents,” said ACUA President Rick Dovey. “As beneficiaries of solar energy for years, we know it works, is cleaner for our community, and can be cheaper for ratepayers. We are happy to put the closed space on our landfill to work for the community in this way.” 

“We are excited to introduce the benefits of renewable energy to the more than 300 residents of the Pleasantville Housing Authority through this forward-thinking partnership with ACUA,” said Vernon Lawrence, Executive Director/CEO/CFO of the Pleasantville Housing Authority. 

The NJBPU pilot program was designed to evaluate community solar projects before implementing a full-scale program statewide. This is the first of a three-year pilot program, and applications for additional projects will reopen in 2020 and 2021. The pilot program focused on awarding submissions that would help expand renewable energy to low-to-moderate income communities to fulfill the state’s goal of ensuring an equitable solar market in New Jersey. 

To learn more about the NJBPU Community Solar Program, click here.