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New Trash and Recycling Carts Coming to Ventnor Thanks to City of Ventnor, ACUA and Recycling Partn

May 03, 2019

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA), the City of Ventnor and the Recycling Partnership have joined together to bring new 96-gallon trash and recycling carts to Ventnor residents.  

The carts will provide additional storage for recycling and trash and act as a litter-prevention tool for the coastal community. Delivery will begin on May 13.  

“The City is excited to introduce carts to our community. We look forward to seeing an increase in recycling rates and a decrease in litter. The new carts are easy-to-move, durable and will provide a cleaner appearance on trash day,” said Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman.  

The carts were funded in part by a grant from the Recycling Partnership. Ventnor will repay the remaining costs over the term of its seven-year shared services contract with ACUA.  

“The Atlantic County Utilities Authority and the City of Ventnor are working together to set a strong example for how communities can invest in recycling, expand public services, and protect the coastal environment.  Recycling with lidded carts decreases the likelihood that materials placed out for collection will become litter, thus protecting waterways and enhancing the coastal environment,” said Rob Taylor, Director of Grants and Community Development at the Recycling Partnership.  “The Recycling Partnership is thrilled to offer our support to this exciting project, and we’d like to acknowledge special support from the Coca-Cola Foundation to help make this grant possible.”  

Despite their size, sturdy wheels make the carts easy to maneuver. ACUA’s collection team utilizes a cart tipper to safely and efficiently lift and empty the containers into the truck, reducing the risk of injury for collection staff.  

“Switching to carts, especially in our beach communities, makes sense to preserve our pristine coastline, reduce litter, and increase recycling capacity for our residents,” said ACUA President Rick Dovey. “We look forward to expanding this effective and efficient collection system to another community in Atlantic County.”  

Atlantic County communities that have already moved to carts have seen a 5 to 10 percent increase in recycling rates, which also leads to a decrease in trash costs – a win, win for the environment and municipal budgets. Despite the recent changes in guidelines, there are many items that can and should be recycled. While some items have been eliminated (such as plastics #3-7), items like cardboard boxes have increased in recent years due to the rise in online shopping.  

The new carts should be the primary containers used by residents on trash and recycling day. The carts are considered property of the City and should remain at the address they are delivered. Every cart will come with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) number that can be read with a handheld device or truck mounted device – these numbers are linked to each address, which can help track down missing or stolen carts.  

Residents looking to recycle old plastic recycling or trash bins, may do so through the bulky rigid plastic drop-off container at ACUA. Learn more at  

Additional information will be provided with the cart when delivered, and residents can learn more at or by calling Ventnor Public Works Department at 609.823.7935 or ACUA at 609.272.6950.