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ACUA Employees Second Largest Donor to New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign

May 25, 2022

Employees of the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) were recognized for their giving through the New Jersey Employees Charitable Campaign (NJECC).   Most recently, it was announced that pledges from ACUA employees, which totaled $57,060, were the second largest in the state, behind only Rutgers University, a much larger institution.
“As an organization with just over 250 employees, it is a remarkable achievement and a true reflection of the generosity of ACUA’s workforce,” ACUA President Rick Dovey noted. “Our employees serve the community through their work every day. Through their personal donations their compassion for others and their desire to improve the communities where they live and work really shines through. We are thankful to employ such a caring workforce.”
Every year, ACUA employees from all departments are invited to participate in the NJECC, which enables state and municipal employees to contribute to a wide range of charities through payroll deduction. The NJECC is one of many charitable causes ACUA employees support every year. For the past three years, ACUA employees were the second largest donor in the entire state, behind the large institution of Rutgers University. In 2021, ACUA’s donations increased 5% from the previous year. ACUA received the NJECC Leading the Way Award for their success.