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ACUA Seeking Bidders for Solid Waste Hauling and Disposal

May 23, 2022

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) is currently seeking qualified bidders for the hauling and disposal of solid waste from Atlantic County in anticipation that the landfill will reach capacity in 2027. Bids are due on July 13, 2022.

“Since the landfill was built, we have known it would eventually fill and close,” said ACUA President Rick Dovey. “We have been preparing for this and exploring opportunities for many years. This bid is the next prudent step.”

As the agency designated to implement Atlantic County’s Solid Waste Management Plan, ACUA is responsible for ensuring the safe and responsible disposal of solid waste on behalf of Atlantic County residents, businesses, and institutions. This bid is one avenue the Authority will use to evaluate options in advance of the landfill’s ultimate closure.

Atlantic County ratepayers benefit from the public bidding process which is transparent and ensures contracts are entered into fairly and without bias. Bidders are required to provide information on the intended equipment and vehicles that will be used for transportation as well as the designated disposal or recovery facilities that will accept the waste. Bidders will need to provide necessary permits and licenses related to operating a solid waste hauling and disposal business as well as references from current partners.

ACUA currently operates a 68,000 sq. ft. transfer station, recycling center, composting facility, and landfill at its 360-acre Environmental Park in Egg Harbor Township. The site was developed after an extensive procurement and permitting process and is specifically designed to handle the large flow of waste in and out of the facility.

“ACUA operated solely as a transfer station for seven years before the approval and construction of the landfill,” said Dovey. “We are prepared to do that again and will be judicious in selecting a responsible partner.”

Prior to the creation of ACUA, trash was buried in unlined landfills, which caused pollution and groundwater contamination. ACUA’s regional approach has increased oversight and greatly improved the quality of life for residents in Atlantic County. It has also stabilized rates – ACUA has historically offered the lowest in the state.

“While we expect rates will increase once the landfill is closed, we will continue to offer innovative and revenue generating services and products that will help keep rates affordable for our community,” said Dovey.

Currently, ACUA ratepayers benefit from a range of supplementary services offered by the Authority, including curbside waste and recycling collection, street sweeping, EcoSoil production, and more, that help stabilize rates for customers.

ACUA will also continue to research alternatives to landfilling and expects to release a request for proposal (RFP) for new technologies in the coming months. It will be the third time ACUA has sought information on such projects in the past 10 years.

“The ACUA has always prioritized the community we serve, and we will pursue the most economically and environmentally sound option on their behalf,” said Dovey.

Interested bidders can access the bid documents at