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Atlantic County Clean Communities Program Names Fall Litter Challenge Winners

Oct 29, 2022


The Atlantic County Clean Communities Program, administered by Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA), is excited to announce the winners of its Fall Litter Challenge: Blue Heron Pines (First Place), Ford Beautification Project (Second Place) and the Easterday Family (Third Place).

The contest challenged teams to pick up as much litter as possible over a three-week period from October 1 to 23. In total, 59 bags of trash and 32 bags of recycling were collected. The first, second and third place winners will receive $500, $300, and $100 mini-grants, respectively, for their efforts.

“No one likes to see litter contaminating their community. Litter is hazardous to the well-being of Atlantic County residents, visitors, and wildlife.” said Atlantic County Clean Communities Coordinator Rebecca Turygan. “The Fall Litter Challenge had great participation this year. We want to thank everyone for making a difference.”

In addition to the regular trash and recycling that was removed, the teams also reported finding a small television, a weather monitoring machine, and a tire. A $100 prize was given to the team who found the strangest litter find. Girl Scout Troop 11439 were awarded the prize for recovering around 15 large bread trays from the side of the road.

Since ACUA began administering the program in 2005, 60 percent of Atlantic County roadways have been adopted. In 2021 alone, 318 cleanups were held, 1,682 bags of litter and recycling were removed from local roadways, and 371 miles were cleaned.

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