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Curbside Pickup

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ACUA provides biweekly recycling collection on Mondays. View recycling guidelines for Atlantic County.

ACUA provides weekly trash collection on Mondays.

ACUA will collect 2 bulky items every trash day. This includes a mattress or piece of furniture, for example. This does not include construction or demolition debris.

Public works will collect metals/appliances every Monday. Call 609.823.2731 ext. 114 to schedule.

Public works will collect yard waste on Tuesdays. Call 609.823.2731 ext. 114 for details.

Public works will collect electronics every Monday. Call 609.823.2731 ext. 114 to schedule.

Container Guidelines

Recycling:  Recycling should be placed loose in containers meant for outdoor curbside collection. NO plastic bags.

Trash: Residents may use any container meant for outdoor trash collection.

Please note: Containers must not weigh more than 50 lbs. If using a cart, this weight limit does not apply. No barrels or drums.

Click here to see ACUA's container options.

All items must be placed out before 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.

Waste Drop Off Services

Household Hazardous Waste should be taken to ACUA drop-offs throughout the year and never placed in your household trash can. View dates and information. 

Municipal Information

2305 Atlantic Avenue
Longport, NJ 08403
Nick Russo
Public Works Commissioner
609.823.2731 ext. 100
Jenna Kelly
City Manager
609.823.2731 ext. 117