• Recyclable

    Cost Per Load: $10.00  

Clean wood is defined as wood free of any paint, wood preservative, and glue. Clean wood can result from a variety of "waste" items, such as cut-offs and wood pallets.
NO plywood, treated wood (Chromated, Copper, Arsenate), painted and/or stained wood.  Any wood containing this type of treatment would be considered construction and demolition waste and would have to be disposed of accordingly.

Clean wood is accepted at the ACUA where it is taken out of the waste stream and recycled. All loads of clean wood, regardless of size, will be charged the minimum load charge of $10.00 at the scalehouse and will be directed to the yard waste composting facility for inspection and off loading. 

Clean wood shall not be mixed with any other waste when discharged at ACUA’s yard waste composting facility. Loads that are determined by ACUA personnel to be comprised of more than 1% (of the total load) waste of a different waste category will be charged the higher of the two associated tipping fees.