Cost Per 100 lbs.: $7.62   Cost Per Ton: $152.48    

Dry Industrial Waste is a Special Handling Waste and is Waste Type Identification Number 27.
Dry Industrial Waste is a portion of Solid Waste resulting from manufacturing, industrial and research and development processes and operations, and which are not Hazardous in accordance with the N.J.A.C 7:26 G. For Special Handling Waste ACUA requires the Transporter and or Generator to contact ACUA prior to delivering the Waste for disposal.
Procedures for Handling Large Quantities of Dry Industrial Waste (Type 27)
Large quantities of Dry Industrial Waste will not be tipped in the Transfer Station. In order to provide for the proper handling of large quantities of Type 27 Dry Industrial Waste, the following procedures will be implemented:
  1. All generators of Type 27 waste in Atlantic County must contact the ACUA at (609) 272-6950 to make arrangements for disposal of this material.
  2. Type 27 Dry Industrial waste (if approved) will be disposed of at the ACUA Landfill located in Egg Harbor Township.
All loads of Dry Industrial Waste will be weighed at the Scale House and then will be directed by the scale master to the Transfer Station or the Landfill for inspection and off loading.