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Commercial Recycling

Recycling at your place of business can be easy, and ACUA can help you get a successful program up and running.

Why Recycle?

  • It's the law in New Jersey to recycle!
  • Business recycling is free in many Atlantic County cities and towns.
  • Recycling diverts waste from your trash bin, which saves you money and helps the environment at the same time.
  • Our single-stream recycling program allows you to recycle plastics, metals, glass, cartons, cardboard, and paper together in the same container without separating.

Our team can provide:

  • Waste audits and start-up assistance 
  • Recycling collection services to most Atlantic County businesses
  • Outdoor collection containers to suit your needs (2-yard, 4-yard or 96-gallon recycling containers)
  • Employee education and ongoing program support