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EcoSoil and Mulches

EcoSoil and various mulches are available for purchase. Products can be picked up at our Environmental Park in Egg Harbor Township.


EcoSoil is 100% natural, screened compost made at ACUA from leaves, grass and brush. It is available in bulk or 40 lbs. bags. The soil provides essential nutrients, improves water-holding capactiy of soil and stabilizes sandy, loamy and clay soils.

EcoSoil is ideal for:

  • Top dressing for sod installation
  • Starting grass seed and growing vegetables
  • Erosion control
  • Boosting organic content of soil


EcoMulch (Premium Hardwood Mulch)

  • Made from trunks of aged hardwood tress which gives its rich color
  • Recommended for all landscape applications
Colored Mulches (Red, Brown, Black or Brown)
  • 100% natural, recycled mulch
  • Helps keep soil surface cool; retains moisture
EcoRoot Mulch (Premium Root Mulch)
  • Made from roots and limbs of hardwood trees
  • Aged to produce its dark color
  • Recommended for all landscape applications

How to Purchase

EcoSoil and EcoMulches can be purchased onsite at ACUA's Environmental Park located at 6700 Delilah Road during regular business hours.

Visit our online store for prices.