Earth Day Vendor Registration

ACUA invites you to register for the upcoming Earth Day Festival by completing the form below by Friday, April 14th.

***Please note that registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. This year, the number of spaces for solar vendors will be limited to four businesses. Vendors selling similar products will be limited to two, and vendors selling the exact same items will be limited to one.

In order to maintain the quality experience that our visitors have come to expect, all vendors must be eco-friendly, educational or wellness related. If your business or products do not meet this criteria, please explain on the registration form how your display fits in with the Earth Day message.

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All prices are for one 10' x 10' space (table & chairs are not included)
Non-Profit Groups - FREE
Vendors - $25.00

1 - 8' Table and 2 Chairs - $10.00   

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