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Our ACUA: Meet Arthur Williams

Feb 23, 2015

By Sara Verrillo

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“Why wait for opportunity when you can create it through hard work and sacrifice?” That is the quote Wastewater Treatment Plant employee Arthur “Art” Williams says is his favorite.

It’s not hard to see why. 


Art began his career at ACUA in June 2007 as a temporary laborer in the collections team. He became a Utility Worker in December 2007 then made the switch from Solid Waste to Wastewater in May 2010 where he began his career as a Water Pollution Control Operator. He has since been promoted to Water Pollution Control Operator III.

In addition to the two wastewater licenses Art holds pertaining to his specific position, he also holds two in wastewater collection systems – a different part of the wastewater treatment operation.

His supervisor, Ken Bennett, boasts that Art is a multi-Star award winner, referring to ACUA's annual Star Awards for exceptional employees. "It's a pleasure witnessing Art's continued growth. He has a very bright future here at the ACUA."

In 2013, he received his Associates Degree in Business from Atlantic Cape Community College.

“I enjoy working for the ACUA because there are many opportunities to advance, and you don’t find that too many places.”

Art is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment, sludge processing and sludge incineration systems, including the mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment associated with these systems.


His favorite part of his job is knowing he is serving the community despite that many people don’t know how important wastewater treatment is to their daily lives. 

“My favorite part of the job is helping the community through sludge incineration. Not too many people know what we do, but it’s important”

Art actively volunteers his time with the ACUA charity committee and has been a regular volunteer at ACUA’s Earth Day Festival for the past eight years.

In the control room, each team member is relied upon for different aspects of the job. That could be why the atmosphere Art says “is like family” between him and co-workers. 

Outside of work he enjoys bowling and traveling when he can. He has also been adventurous enough to go skydiving – twice.  

Thank you Art for letting us get to you know you better.