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Sharing Positive Energy Event Sheds Light on Energy Efficiency Incentives

Feb 23, 2018

We’ve all be taught how simple actions like turning off a light before leaving a room can benefit the environment. At the recent “Sharing Positive Energy” event put on by the Sustainable Jersey Atlantic-Cape May Hub of green team volunteers, presenters shared how larger-scale, but very doable, actions like upgrading our homes or businesses with energy efficient equipment can create tangible benefits for our communities. 



If you missed the event, we’ve recapped the highlights, so you can benefit from the incentives our state offers.


The New Jersey Clean Energy Program


The New Jersey Clean Energy Program, run by the Board of Public Utilities, offers financial incentives to residents, business and municipalities to upgrade lighting, appliances and equipment to energy efficient models with the overall goal to improve the state’s environment.


The process begins by working with a state-approved contractor to perform an audit of your home or business. From there, suggestions will be made to improve your equipment. Rebates and other financial incentives are offered to make the upgrades affordable.


The state also offers rebates for upgrading old appliances like washing machines, and works with communities taking on larger projects like fitting streetlights with LED lightbulbs.


NJ Clean Energy Reps Kimberly Hoff and Ashley Miller

The Town of Hammonton Business Administrator Jerry Barberio was present to discuss his town’s experience with doing just that. Hammonton received a $141,500 Clean Energy grant to upgrade 1500 streetlights to LED. The upgrades will cut the town’s energy bill by 40 percent. (Learn more).


Keith Symonds, owner of the Varsity Inn in Ocean City, shared his experience upgrading his restaurant’s heating, cooling and lighting with the help of the Clean Energy Program. The program covered 70 percent of the cost, and Symonds was responsible for the remaining 30 percent, which he was able to finance with a 0% interest loan offered through the program.


Click here to learn more about the Clean Energy Program.


Sustainable Jersey Gold-Star Actions


Sustainable Jersey explained its new energy actions that will help municipalities lower their energy bills and promote energy saving activities with their residents. By completing the actions, towns can reach gold-star certification through the Sustainable Jersey program.


Click here to learn more about these actions.


Local Utilities


South Jersey Gas explained the financial incentives offered to residents that make the switch to efficient natural gas equipment to pair along with the NJ Clean Energy program.


Click here to learn more about their program.


Need More Information?


You can view the full slides from the event here