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ACUA Invests in Inflatable Flood Barriers to Protect Critical Infrastructure

Jul 29, 2019

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As part of its resiliency planning efforts, ACUA has embarked on several projects to protect critical infrastructure at its Wastewater Treatment Facility in Atlantic City from the threat of flooding. In 2018, a seawall was built 11 feet above sea level around perimeter of the facility. This structure was a substantial undertaking to reduce the threat of rising sea levels in our area.

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As another means of protection, ACUA purchased a system of inflatable barriers called a Tiger Dam System from U.S. Flood Control that can be set up temporarily to keep the Wastewater Treatment Facility and its accompanying pump stations sustained during a flooding emergency.

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The barriers are 24 inch tubes filled with water that can be stacked and constructed to create any shape. They are more efficient than using sandbags and are completely reusable. When two barriers are placed side by side on the ground and one is placed on top, it will give three feet and six inches of height to protect from incoming water. Anchors keep the barriers stationary over different terrains like grass, gravel or concrete.


Recently, ACUA employees worked together to learn and demonstrate the setup of the barriers. ACUA anticipates the inflatable system, along with its knowledgeable employees, will be an effective way to protect critical infrastructure in the event of a flood.

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