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Learn More About Your Water: Water Rates

Oct 01, 2020

Do you know where you water comes from? Who is responsible for maintaining it? Or how much it costs to use?

While water is arguably the most essential and invaluable resource, its quality and availability are factors we too often take for granted. 

In anticipation for Imagine a Day Without Water, a holiday celebrated on October 21 that highlights water and the need for continued investment in it, we invite our community members to learn about water all month long. 

The first blog in this series highlights local water rates. 

Whether private or public, all utilities require "pumps, parts, people" and investment in infrastructure to successfully operate.

As stewards of the regional wastewater treatment infrastructure here in Atlantic County, we take seriously our commitment to the community by holding high environmental standards, investing responsibly and providing efficient and effective service.  

We invite our community to review the local water rates below to gain a better understanding of the investment and costs associated with maintaining our water systems. 

water rates