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ACUA Assists in Ventnor Revitalization Project

Apr 16, 2021

ACUA recently helped to clear large debris from an abandoned area known as “Glass Beach” in Ventnor West off Wellington and Swarthmore Avenues. 

The site had been filled with large pieces of concrete, glass, litter, and other construction debris that had been dumped there over the years.

The City originally requested our assistance in planning a litter cleanup of the site as part of its grant application to revitalize the area. After reviewing the site, however, it became clear it was in need of a complete excavation.  ACUA offered to assist in fully cleaning the area and removed more than 50 tons of bulky debris! The site is now clear and ready for further improvements. 

Ventnor is planning to restore the coastal habitat and improve the resiliency of the area by installing a living shoreline, enhancing the wetlands, incorporating trails, and providing water access for non-motorized watercraft like kayaks and canoes.

We look forward to seeing the end result of this exciting project!