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ACUA's CDL Training Program Expands

Sep 12, 2022

Atlantic County is coming together to solve the CDL Driver shortage!

Since January, ACUA has partnered with the Atlantic County Workforce Development Office and Mike’s Driving School to offer on-site CDL Training for ACUA employees. Now, the successful program is expanding to include neighboring municipal and county workers seeking CDL training.

The third round of training began on Friday, September 9, at ACUA and includes participants from ACUA, Atlantic County, Linwood, and Pleasantville. Classes will be held in 10 sessions over five weeks and will focus on Class A CDL licenses.


“We are more than happy to open our facility for others to share in this opportunity,” said ACUA President Rick Dovey. “CDL drivers perform essential functions in our communities. By sharing space and resources, the training is more accessible and will benefit many throughout Atlantic County.”

“This is a positive step in getting county and municipal employees trained and can only improve driver safety on our roads,” said Chip Jones, General Supervisor of Linwood Department of Public Works. "Our municipality will greatly benefit from the savings of this Atlantic County program."
The effort to do on-site training was prompted by the growing shortage of CDL license holders and changing licensing requirements. It’s been made possible through an UPSKILL: NJ Incumbent Worker Training Grant from the Atlantic County Workforce Development Office that covers half of ACUA’s costs for the program. 
Since the program began in January, ACUA has graduated two classes of employees training for Class B CDL licenses. Four of those employees have already been promoted to Driver in ACUA’s Collections Department, and the remaining are working to obtain their full license requirements.

Municipalities seeking to join in the program are encouraged to contact the Atlantic County Workforce Development Office.

ACUA will open another round of training for Class B CDL licenses in October.