Cost Per 100 lbs.: $5.59   Cost Per Ton: $111.83    

What is Bulky Waste?

Most large items that cannot fit into your regular trash can are considered bulky waste. Examples include:

  • Mattresses
  • Furniture 
  • Vacuums - if your vacuum contains a lithium battery, please discard of the battery separately. Click here for battery information. 
  • Carpeting - Must be cut into 4' lengths, rolled and tied (1 roll= 1 item). Find your town's information here to see if we will collect this curbside. 
Other items considered bulky waste that can be brought to our facilities for disposal include:
  • Campers and mobile homes - a handling fee ($100) may be applied
  • Boats and jet skis. However, the motor must be removed and the item must be free of all fluids, such as gas and motor oil. Gas and motor oil can be disposed of through the ACUA's  household hazardous waste drop-off program. If not able to remove motor or fluids, contact an Auto Salvage Yard. Boats that do not fit between bollards at the scalehouse (109" wide) are charged a flat rate of $1,000.00 rather than the bulky waste fee.      

Bulky waste does not include:

  • Electronics - electronics are banned from the landfill. Click here for local disposal information.
  • Construction or Demolition Debris - toilets, bathtubs, windows, roofing materials, etc. Click here for disposal information.
  • ​Metals or CFC-containing Appliances - Unless it is clearly stated that ACUA will collect metals and appliances in your town,  scrap metal or appliances are not considered bulky waste. Find your town's information here.