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Is Your School Recycling?

Oct 09, 2014


By Sara Verrillo

Although recycling has been the law in New Jersey for years, many schools still struggle to properly collect recyclables in lunchrooms, classrooms, athletic fields and other school properties.

We understand the problems administrators, faculty, janitorial staff and students run into when it comes to recycling, and we’re here to help.

We are encouraging all Atlantic County schools to sign up for the national Recycle-Bowl from Keep America Beautiful before the October 15 deadline. It is a great opportunity to kick-start a recycling program at your school through a fun and simple competition. The winners receive recognition and funds towards improving their recycling programs.


Registration is simple and setting up a program can be simple too with our help. If you’re not sure why it’s important for your school to recycle, here are a few reminders:

  1. Recycling teaches the future leaders of our world the importance of sustainability in one simple task.
  2. Recycling saves resources and energy from being wasted and encourages students to view items as valuable.
  3. Students carry recycling habits from school into their homes and will spread the message with family and friends.
  4. Recycling fits into numerous classroom topics – from science to math and economics. (Our partner ReCommunity Recycling even has lesson plans available for download.)
  5. But one of the greatest lessons that can be taken away from recycling is the importance of being a good citizen and steward of the environment.

The following schools have already signed up for this year’s competition.

  • Atlantic County Special Services School District
  • C.J. Davenport School, Egg Harbor Township
  • Fernwood Avenue School, Egg Harbor Township
  • Egg Harbor Township High School
  • Y.A.L.E. School East, Northfield
  • South Main Street School, Pleasantville
  • Atlantic City High School
  • William H. Ross School, Margate

Register online at the Recycle-Bowl website and feel free to contact us for assistance. We hope to see your school’s name on the list! 

Last year’s winners from the Atlantic County area: