ACUA opens its doors to thousands of students and family visitors each year to give the public a first-hand look at how waste is disposed of in Atlantic County, NJ.  We realize that not everyone has the opportunity to visit us in person, so ACUA's environmental lessons are now avaliable online. 

To schedule a free virtual field trip for your school, homeschool, or community group, please contact or call (609) 272-6950.  

Or take a self-guided tour below:

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater is water that goes down the drain (toilets, sinks, showers, etc.). Wastewater from 14 towns in Atlantic County travels through pipes from homes and businesses to ACUA’s Treatment Facility in Atlantic City, NJ.  Here, an energy intensive process treats the contaminants found in the wastewater. The remaining, disinfected water is returned to the Atlantic Ocean.  The entire treatment process takes about 8 hours and is closely monitored by staff around the clock.  

Take a virtual tour to learn how the process works:


LEFT: The sample on the left shows what the watewater looks like entering the plant, and the sample on the right shows the treated water before it goes out to the ocean. RIGHT: Sewer infrastructure is one of the most crucial pieces to public health. Help us keep it working properly by only flushing #1, #2, and toilet paper down the toilet! Here are real examples of items we’ve removed. 

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